Ahlman's Roundup 2005 - Dock Jumping Dogs

It has been said that if it can be done, Americans will make it a contest. For example, sailors say that one boat is sailing, two are a regatta. Well, it turns out that watching dogs jump off docks is also a lot of fun, and, naturally, we entered just for the fun of it. Unlike youth soccer or little league baseball, the kinds of people who participate in these contests do so for the pure grins of it, and so the dock jumping competition at Ahlmans Roundup was a lot of fun and we had a blast just having Maddie jump there.

Little Morgan (Maximum Choke Morgan and his partner, Mike Jackson.)
Morgan waits for the launch.
Morgan's style

Maddies Turn ...

Pam and Maddie wait during the demonstrations and early jumps.
Maddies turn ...
  • Jump 1
  • Jump 2
  • Flying
  • 13 ft on the 28th was enough to win for the day! She jumped 6 times. She had two collisions.
    • She ran out once and jumped, but Little Morgan was on the loose and he jumped right behind her. Her jump was for fun, and it was pretty good, but Little Morgan, who jumped just after she started swimming, landed right next to her - demonstrating his ability to get that extra few feet. He beat her to the training dummy, but she was closing in as he reached shore.
    • Maya (a 4 mo pup) went out for fun, but I had hooked Maddie by her tags rather than her collar, and she pulled out the ring and went in after the poor pup. Not good, but they both came out fine and the pup had a good (and unaccompanied) jump right after.
    So, we won a case of shells, thanks to Maddie.

Our thanks to Ahlman's for putting this on and to Ed Fritz for acting as master of ceremonies.