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Apostle Islands, July 2002

BACKGROUND: Talked a lot of business. Took pictures.

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Rick at the helm. First day, full of energy.
Mike at the helm. Second day, good winds. A nice 6.5 knot run.
We were sailing from Sand toward Bayfield by way of the North Channel. Here we were just past Raspberry lighthouse.
Good winds, this is probably what we looked like. This was a pretty little yellow boat that we traded tacks with.
Food is critical to a good day on the water. There are steaks in there.
Of course, if you were digging deep looking for something solid, injuries could occur. We had lotsa ice.
So, where did we leave those life jackets? This experiment in instability proved that two unstable dingbats in a dinghy was two too many.

The rescue operation was launched immediately. With a kayak, Bruce tried towing the dingy with ex-passengers in tow.

Another vessel sent over a motorized dinghy, which tried pushing ours. We called that off right away.

Debris field was small.

Nothing like facing death-in-a-dinghy to form even stronger bonds of buddy-hood. Well, maybe not death, more like eternal razzing.

Dinghy, $700
Digital camera, $700
Getting a permanent record of a fun event like this, and posting on the Internet Priceless

Mike's back was acting up, so we called in the corpsman. He applied the latest in modern medical chants.

Apparently he did not read the "uniform of the day" posting.

Jeez, duty at the helm, leading an assault on the beach, a tour as corpsman. Sometimes a guy's just gotta rest.

This was just before Mike did a nice "coming about" from port tack to a starboard tack that pretty much booted Rick to the floor.