From the desk of god ...

Everyone is praying for something - and lots of people are killing because of their beliefs. In Iraq, we are killing and dying because we believe in a form of freedom that says that people are all equal before the law; that says that dissent is an important part of a healthy culture; and that says that you are entitled to believe in and play with whatever imaginary friends you want, whether they are from the Judeo-Christian-Moslem pantheon, the Star Trek mythology, the Hindu mythology or the Wild West cowboy mythology. Our enemies in-country do not believe that anyone is entitled to these freedoms, and they are willing to kill to stop the development of those freedoms. Our enemies out of country often already have these freedoms - apparently they think that only people from Western countries like France and Germany should have these freedoms.

I support this war - which is only just beginning - because I believe in the freedoms I've listed, and I further believe that unless all people are free, none are. If you ask why now - then you have not been paying attention. If you ask "why Iraq" - then you have not been studying your history. And if you ask what about China (et al) - then you have not been thinking.

Why now? A simple question, a simple answer, September 11, 2001. Cuba represents a tyranny, but it is not significantly active as a source of terrorism. The Middle East and the north of Africa are active sources of terrorism. The squeeky wheel gets the grease, and the terrorist culture gets the smart bombs.

Why Iraq? A tougher question, a less satisfactory answer. Someone had to be first, and a victory there presents the best leverage for the most change. Iraq has a middle class (of sorts) that can be counted on to push hard for peace once freed. If you would point to the experience in Iran - then you do not fully appreciate how dramatically the equations of conflict changed after the Reagan administration ended the Cold War. We should never again have to buttress a petty tyrant just because he/she is our tyrant. No more shah's, thank you very much.

What about China (et al)? Even tougher. We will have to deal with China the way we dealt with the U.S.S.R. They are already walking down a path to freedom, and with patience, they will find their own form of the truth. As with the U.S.S.R., they will find that truth in the simple equations of economics and trade, and they (thankfully) show no immediate signs of engaging in militaristic ventures.

First comes freedom. Then comes peace. Then comes justice.
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